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Cancer is a particularly scary disease to deal with because of its propensity to spread, making its removal a preferred treatment option in many cases. For skin, breast, and colorectal cancers, Dr. George N. Liberis offers advanced surgical services to remove the affected tissue, giving his patients in New City, New York the chance to rid themselves of cancer. For cancer detection and treatment, call or book an appointment online.

Cancer Treatment Q & A

How are colorectal cancers detected and treated?

Colorectal cancer can start in either your colon or your rectum. To screen for this cancer, Dr. Liberis offers a colonoscopy, a procedure where he threads a small camera through your colon checking for any polyps or irregularities.

During this procedure, Dr. Liberis is on the lookout for polyps that are over one centimeter or the presence of more than one, which could be a sign of developing cancer. Thankfully, he can remove them at this point.

If cancer grows into the wall of your rectum or colon, Dr. Liberis goes in and surgically removes what he can of the affected tissue, which in combination with chemotherapy, can be effective in battling cancer.

How is breast cancer detected and treated?

Breast cancer is most often screened by your OB/GYN during a physical exam, as well as through subsequent mammograms and ultrasounds. If you have a suspicious mass in your breast, Dr. Liberis can order the same testing and provide you with treatment options.

If breast cancer is confirmed, your treatment options vary widely depending upon the type and stage of breast cancer. If you require surgery, Dr. Liberis performs two types:


Dr. Liberis preserves your breast by removing the tumor, as well as surrounding tissue, also called the margins.


Many women opt to remove the entire breast to ensure that the cancer is gone. Dr. Liberis performs this procedure using the latest techniques, which may spare your nipple, but you’ll likely need breast reconstruction surgery if you choose.

Lymph node removal

If your breast cancer has spread to your lymph nodes, Dr. Liberis removes the affected nodes.

How is skin cancer detected and treated?

Dr. Liberis has extensive experience detecting skin cancer, which comes in three main forms (though there are other, rarer, forms of the disease):

  • Melanoma
  • Basal cell
  • Squamous cell

For basal and squamous cell skin cancers, Dr. Liberis excises the skin cancer lesions on the surface of your skin, which is usually sufficient for getting rid of cancer. If any nearby lymph nodes look suspicious, he may biopsy or remove them.

Melanoma is a more dangerous cancer because it spreads more easily, but Dr. Liberis offers the same surgeries described above if he catches it in its earlier, more local stages. He takes care to remove the lesion along with enough surrounding tissue to protect against leaving any cancer cells behind.

If you’re concerned about colorectal, breast, or skin cancer, call Dr. Liberis, or schedule an appointment by filling out the form online.

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