"Dr. George Liberis saved my life-not once, but twice! ...Dr. Liberis has devoted his life to the well-being of others, sparing no effort to insure that his patients receive the best treatment and care available....At the end of the day, it's really about caring and Dr. Liberis cares, more than any medical professional I have met." —H.I.

"Dr. Liberis possesses outstanding measures of medical expertise, experience, competence, and dedication, and a profound concern for the comprehensive well being of the patient." —Z.I.

"At the emergency room, the doctor did not order any tests to determine the nature of my daughter's problem. By good fortune, Dr. Liberis passed through the emergency room at about 2 am. He was asked to examine her, ordered the correct tests and diagnosed the problem. He then operated on her in the middle of the night. To this day I don't know what would have happened if he had not been called in." —R.H.

"Dr. Liberis performed my surgery and was a caring, kind, and considerate doctor. I truly believe he saved my life, and he honored my decision to not put a colostomy bag in place." —M.C.